About the Initiative

We find ourselves in a challenging situation, one that calls upon our unity and strength as a community. As you may be aware, a synagogue recently became embroiled in a controversial incident involving an illegal land sale on occupied territory.

In our pursuit of justice and integrity, we invited esteemed speakers and leaders to shed light on the matter, organized printing materials to spread awareness, and even flew in a Rabbi from New York to offer guidance and support.

However, amidst our efforts, some of our attendees faced acts of vandalism. Tires were slashed, cars were keyed, and our sense of security was shattered. This is not just an attack on property; it’s an attack on the very fabric of our community.

Now, more than ever, we need your support. We are organizing a fundraiser to cover the expenses incurred, including those for speakers, printers, and the Rabbi’s travel. Additionally, we aim to provide assistance to those who suffered losses due to the vandalism of their vehicles.

Your generous contributions will not only help us alleviate the financial burden but also demonstrate our resilience and commitment to standing together in the face of adversity. 

Any surplus funds will be allocated to extend the advertising campaign or used for future Palesign initiatives supporting Palestine.

Costs and Consequences

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