Donor Dashboard

Donor Dashboard

Locate your account

If you’re experiencing difficulty accessing your donation account, here are some initial troubleshooting steps:

Check Your Spam or Junk Folder: Emails from us might occasionally land there. Please check these folders and mark our emails as “not spam” to ensure future correspondence reaches your inbox.

If you’ve checked these folders and still can’t locate your donation account, please provide us with the following details related to your donation:

  1. Donation Method: (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, EMT)
  2. Date of Donation:
  3. Campaign or Purpose of Donation:
  4. Donation Amount:
  5. First and Last Name on the Donation:
  6. Email Address Associated with the Donation Account:

This information will help us locate your account more efficiently. Please ensure the email address provided is accurate and frequently checked.

Our team is dedicated to resolving this promptly. Your support is crucial to our cause, and we want to ensure your donation is properly acknowledged and accounted for.

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