Uniting for Palestinian Justice

Join us in our mission to raise global awareness, advocate for justice, and empower the people of Palestine.


Flags for Palestine

The total fundraise reflects the cost of 1000 sticks that will need to be purchased for the 1000 flags ($2000 for 1000 flag poles)

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Wristband for Palestine 2

We are nearly done giving out the 30,000 wrist bands. Help us finish this purchase so we can order new ones

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Empower General Fund

Showing some of our expenses that your funds are used towards

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Support the Clear Quran Initiative

People all over the world are becoming more and more inspired by the faith and resistance of the Palestinian people making them curious about Islam. We are proud to be supporting a community member with the Clear Quran initiative. Help with the enlightenment of the intrigued minds by supporting them with acquiring a copy of the most comprehensive English translation of the Holy Quran. The copies of the Clear Quran will be distributed to interested individuals and groups at our upcoming protests and demonstrations for Palestine. Cost: $670 $1910 (+5% transaction fee) for 208 520 copies Note: Any surplus funds will be allocated to extend the advertising campaign or used for future Palesign initiatives supporting Palestine.

Completed Campaigns

Ceasefire in Palestine: A Cry for Immediate Peace

Amidst the devastating Israel-Palestine conflict, understanding the critical importance of a ceasefire becomes paramount. This article delves into the significance of a ceasefire in Palestine, shedding light on its potential to bring about much-needed peace. Exploring the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the role of the international community, and the path to lasting peace, this piece emphasizes the urgent need for a ceasefire as a first step toward justice, accountability, and a comprehensive resolution to the conflict. #CeasefireForPeace #PalestineConflict

Canvassing Against Genocide in Gaza

Stand with us to shed light on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We’re printing posters to raise awareness about the atrocities, including the heartbreaking loss of innocent lives, targeting of doctors, UN workers, and the most vulnerable, the babies. Join us in amplifying these voices, fostering dialogue, and advocating for an immediate end to the genocide in Gaza. Every voice matters in our pursuit of justice and human rights. #CanvassingAgainstGenocide #GazaVoicesMatter 

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