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About the Initiative

DCR’s leadership team is urgently calling upon all communities to stand in solidarity with our fellow pro-Palestinian brother, Ahmad Sharifi. On February 4th, 2024, Ahmad – and his two young sons – were forcefully removed from our Car Rally by the police. They were relocated and isolated in a construction zone, with all exits blocked by multiple police cruisers in an excessive and discriminatory display of force. The presence of such overwhelming police intimidation understandably left Ahmad’s young sons frightened and distressed.

Initially, the police cited reckless driving, obstructing traffic, and engaging in stunt driving as reasons for stopping Ahmad. However, we have numerous witnesses who can refute these false allegations, affirming that Ahmad was unfairly targeted. Ahmad has since been charged with stunt driving, resulting in a 30-day license suspension and a 14-day vehicle impoundment.

Ahmad is a valued member of our pro-Palestinian and Muslim community, tirelessly advocating for Gaza and actively serving on his mosque’s board. In this challenging time, we implore our wonderful community to rally behind Ahmad by contributing to his support fund.

Together, let us stand united in support of our brother Ahmad and against injustice.

Total Goal: $3150 ($3000 + 5% transaction fee)

Questions: Email us at

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