An R2L initiative

About the Initiative

The Digital Awareness Truck initiative by Roads 2 Liberation aims to elevate public consciousness about the genocide in Palestine through a mobile, high-impact platform. This innovative project involves a specially designed truck equipped with large digital screens, which will broadcast a powerful video that captures the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine. The truck will travel to various prominent locations, effectively turning city streets into spaces of critical dialogue and education.

Our goal is to deliver an urgent message to a broad audience, sparking awareness and inspiring action. By bringing this vivid portrayal of the Palestinian plight directly to people where they are, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the severe challenges faced by Palestinians. This initiative is more than just a broadcast; it’s a call to recognize the human suffering and systemic injustices occurring in Palestine, urging viewers to stand in solidarity and contribute to the cause.

The Digital Awareness Truck serves as a vital tool in our advocacy efforts, creating a moving beacon of truth that cuts through the noise of everyday life. It’s an invitation to engage, reflect, and participate in the global movement for Palestinian liberation. Through this initiative, Roads 2 Liberation continues its commitment to highlighting critical human rights issues and mobilizing support for those in dire need.

Total Goal: $2730 ($2600 + 5% transaction fee

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