About the Initiative

Join us for a powerful rally in Toronto this Saturday, June 15, at 6:30 PM at Bay & Front as we continue to take over the streets on a weekly basis to call for 

🔻Arms embargo on “Israel”
🔻An end to all complicity with the zionist state
🔻A complete lift of the siege on Gaza.
🔻Immediate release of all illegal prisoners
🔻Liberation and return from the river to the sea

The demonstration commemorates the Day of Arafah, a significant day for Muslims, dedicated to worship and reflection. The Day of ‘Arafah is also known as Yawm Al-Waqf (the Day of Standing), referring to the fact that pilgrims stand in front Allah for long periods of time, asking for forgiveness and making Duaas.

We will end our rally around Maghreb time at Yonge & Dundas Square to spend the final hours of fasting with making Duaa for the people of Gaza and highlighting the power of spirituality and faith within our community.

•⁠ ⁠Duaa and Maghreb Prayer will take place at the end of the rally
•⁠ ⁠Water & dates will be provided

Any surplus funds will be allocated to extend the advertising campaign or used for future Palesign initiatives supporting Palestine.

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